Bachelor days

So Jill’s visiting her family this weekend, she left this morning, leaving me and Illa to hold down the fort. Illa decided to celebrate early yesterday by having some distress, which Jill had to clean up. He got yogurt today (our normal response to that) and appears to be feeling better, although he’s not up to full energy yet.

No parties here this weekend, though I will be going to Mom’s as she’s hosting a get together for Dad’s birthday tomorrow night, then I’ll go with her to see her house on the Northern Neck for the first time Saturday. Not big plans, but I don’t need anything too hectic – been spending a lot of time at work lately trying to finish a project.

One thought on “Bachelor days”

  1. Northern Neck, eh? I’ve heard tell that they make a distinct Ginger Ale down there (Northern Neck Ginger Ale, whodathunkit?). If you run across any, mind buying a few for me? I’d be happy to reimburse.

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