For a long time, I’ve thought of myself as having a “cast iron” stomach. I could eat anything I wanted without suffering any great consequences. Sadly, I think that’s coming to an end. Tuesday I went out to lunch at Buon Appetito with some coworkers and had two slices of pizza: pepperoni and sausage, and pepperoni and bacon. I felt a little bit of heartburn an hour or so later, which happens sometimes, but I was fine after that. Then around 6, I started feeling it bad.

I went home at 7 and had some antacid tablets. I wasn’t feeling too much better, so instead of the pasta I’d planned for dinner, made strawberry smoothies and had veggies with hummus and some cheese and crackers with them. I still wasn’t feeling great, so I canceled my plans to go out and see Todd Wright (from the Getaway Car). Instead, I read the paper, watched some TV, and spent way too much time trying to diagnose why Jill’s computer stopped printing (still defeating me tonight). In the future, I think at a minimum I need to have a supply of antacid tablets with me.

One thought on “Heartburn”

  1. Ooh, me too.

    I’ve had to give up on frozen rising-crust pizza as it does a real number on my GI tract starting around 3am.

    I’ve been making pizza from scratch and having much better luck with that.

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