Shamrockin’ the weekend

Friday night I stopped by Safeway on the way home since they had a tasting night with 10% off everything. I got home and cooked a tequila and lime marinated pork tenderloin we’d picked up on spring break and never gotten around to eating. It was a bit salty, but was ok, with some broccoli. Jill was tired and headed to bed, while I stayed up for a bit reading.

Saturday Jill went out to run errands and I made myself an egg sandwich, then went out on the deck to listen to some Carbon Leaf and read the paper and some comics. I left the house around 3 and headed to CD Cellar where I had my least expensive trip ever: 2 CDs for $4. From there, I hopped on the Metro and rode to RFK. I had a ticket to this year’s Shamrock Fest. They used to hold it in Ballston, but it’s grown too big and this year they fenced off the parking lots at RFK. A couple of guys I’d met through my fraternity alumni discussed going, and convinced me to buy the VIP ticket. They didn’t end up coming, but the ticket turned out to be a good thing. I knew about the all-you-can-drink beer and the private bathrooms, but I wasn’t expecting the huge lines everywhere, which really made me appreciate bathrooms and beers I didn’t need to line up for. The whole experience was very much like an HFStival, just one I didn’t go inside at.

The bands were good. I caught parts of sets from ThatGuy and the Kelly Bell Band as I wandered around, finally figuring out which stage Carbon Leaf was playing at and waiting for them to come on. They played a good set, I was surprised they didn’t play much newer material, but I love the old stuff. Here’s some pics from their website. After they were done, I got some food. I’d grabbed a hot dog on the way in from a vendor outside, but if I was going to keep drinking beers, I needed more food. I picked up a sausage on a pita (out of buns) and a Scottish meat pie from vendors, and found a new beer I really enjoy: Redhook Copperhook Ale. I watched a couple songs from Welbilt, then it was time for my guys in emmet swimming.

crappy cell phone picture

Great set, starting out with the appropriate “Parking Lot”, then going through the old favorites. I wasn’t sure if Tamer was back for good on the skins, but this article confirms he “recently rejoined the band”. It also says “there is talk of another album”, which is pretty cool – I’m only aware of two new songs, but I’d like to hear more. The day had been pleasant and clear, but clouds had been coming in as darkness fell, and during emmet’s set a light rain started to fall, but didn’t dissuade the hardy few who showed up for emmet (going on opposite the headliner never ensures big crowds). They finished up with “Hey Jesse”, then I split to the other side of the festival to catch some of Flogging Molly. Good band, but I didn’t stay to the end as I knew Metro would already be packed. It was, but I found a seat for the ride back. I got back home and we had some dessert (fruit and chocolate) before heading to bed,

Sunday Jill was gone all day studying. I got up, walked the dog, and made myself some schmorgles. I started dinner prep, as I was making tikki marsala and the chicken needed to marinate. I was trying to make yogurt (the recipe called for it, but I gave up because it never set) and brought it outside to cool, when I noticed the neighbor on one side had a dog visiting, and down on the ground Illa’s friend Bear was playing. Illa’s reaction? He peed on the deck. I took him inside, gave him a good talking too, then we went outside to play. How did he display his gratitude? He peed on Bear! Luckily his owner wasn’t too upset, but I wasn’t happy – he’s never done that before. He calmed down after that and played like he had before.

I finished marinating the chicken, made some bread dough, and started cooking tomorrow’s meal before I took a break, going outside to read the paper. Then I went downstairs and got some comics for new eBay auctions, took pictures, and went online to start them. Jill got home around 8:30 – I hadn’t realized she wanted to go to bed at 10. So I rushed downstairs and made dinner, grilling the chicken, cooking potatoes and the bread (supposed to be naan, but was more of a flatbread) and heated up some palak paneer. It turned out pretty good (except for the naan), and Jill enjoyed it. Now she’s asleep, and I’m finishing this up before I go back downstairs and finish getting tomorrow’s dinner ready and I go to bed.