Why New York?

Looks like Shea Stadium in New York will be the site of Live Earth on July 7th. Dang, I was really hoping they’d be able to put it on the National Mall. Have to see what the lineup is now to see how bad I want to go. Assuming that the Police are headliners and they do not get a DC area gig, I’d want to either go to that or one of the other Police shows (BTW, Genesis plays DC on September 23rd). Hershey and Philly would be closest, leaning towards Hershey because it’s on a Friday and Philly’s on a Thursday.

If I go to Live Earth, Jill wouldn’t go – she did not enjoy going to Philly for Live 8, and general admission shows are never something she likes. I think I’d take the train. Looks ok, I could take one from Union Station at 5:30AM to get to Penn Station by 9AM, and get a return one at 11PM to get back by 2:30AM.