Spring Break reading

I look forward to vacations to read. Often I’ll bring a couple hardcovers and mostly paperbacks and some magazines, because I don’t want to lug anything really heavy with me. Since we were traveling by car, that wasn’t a consideration, so that brought a new question: what did I want or need to read? The second answered itself quickly by glancing undrer the coffee table, where I had piles of periodicals, magazines that I had just tossed under there, including Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, Money, Comics Buyers Guide, and the Washington Post Magazine (I skip them every Sunday, Dilbert be darned). What did I want to read? Strangers In Paradise, scheduled to wrap up in May. There will be 106 issues by the time it’s done, and I brought the hardcovers collecting everything up to the final 7 issues. I started reading it with the 4th issue (volume 2 number 1), had gotten the first three issues as the first hardcover, and had kept up ever since, but I had never gone back and re-read them before. Funny, since SIP is the only other comic besides Sandman that I own original art from. Anyway, that’s what I read on vacation. Almost no TV, other than the DVD we watched on Sunday, 24 on Monday, and a little of the Daily Show here and there. And I did almost all, just need to spend 20-30 minutes this week to finish the last Money.

2 thoughts on “Spring Break reading”

  1. Hey, have you read ‘Y The Last Man’? I read a review of it on Slate a while ago and was tempted.

  2. Great series! I love me some Brian K. Vaughn, Ex Machina (about the ex-superhero mayor of New York) is good too. Only caveat: Fables (also from Vertigo) is better than them both. Check it out first.

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