Sad news

My mom had to put her dog, Trina, to sleep. Trina had been having problems moving around, for a while, and it’d been getting worse – she had to wear a diaper to stay indoors at Christmas. But she wouldn’t eat or move, and was crying constantly. Mom took her to the vet, and there was nothing he could do for the pain, so he put her to sleep. Mom’s pretty broken up about it, and I’m sad too. We got Trina in 1992 when I got out of college, and it was fun having a puppy that summer, as I didn’t wind up finding a job until August. I lived at home off and on until 1999 when I moved out for good, and Trina was the family dog for all of us. Our previous Siberian Husky, Tasha, only made it to 9, but Trina had a good run.

I’ve got some photos of her I need to figure out how to get off a Photo CD, but I did save one (from 1993):
Trina in the ivy

And here’s some pictures of Trina from 2003. I used those to get custom paints of dog gifts (statues, ornaments, etc.) that year.

Farewell Trina, may you have a place near the fire where ever you are.

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