TV and football (wait – that’s just more TV)

Friday I went grocery shopping after work, having put it off all week. I grilled a steak I’d bought and made a steak salad with it. Jill, having gotten up at 4:30, went to bed soon after. I stayed up for a while, did a quick blog post and read the paper and watched some TV.

Saturday Jill was up much earlier than me. I got up at noon and she’d been studying for hours. I made myself some cilantro and feta scrambled eggs since she’d already had a bagel (I’d bought her some Thomas whole-wheat bagels the night before), then I took Illa on a long walk in the woods before settling in for an afternoon of TV (I’d ignored all my other shows to finish “Rome”) and paper (while I watched HD concerts of Heart, James Blunt, and Whitesnake). I also started marinating some chicken, then made my cilantro chicken for dinner. After dinner, we settled in and did what we’d been wanting to do all week – watch the first 4 hours of 24. After that, we were tired, and I’d watched half of my DVR.

Sunday Jill beat me up again as she was meeting a classmate to study. I got up and made eggs benedict, then started a black bean soup as I watched Patrick Stewart in The Eleventh Hour. I took Illa on a long walk – snow had been falling and it was starting to stick. I tried to let Jill know, but her phone was off and I didn’t have her classmate’s number. I finished the soup as I watched SNL, then started watching the Bears vs. Saints. Saints tried valiantly, but they were no match for the conditions. I can’t believe they didn’t practice outdoors this week – what were they thinking?

Jill called shortly after the game started to drive home. Conditions were not that great and it took over twice as long for her to get home as it normally does. I went out at halftime and cleared off the sidewalk and her space. We had a snack (leftover crab dip and crackers for me, apple and potato chips for her), then she went upstairs to study and I started watching the Colts vs. Pats. Nothing against my extended family up north, but I was rooting for the Colts – Brady’s had plenty of glory, and Peyton is a talented guy who deserves a shot at the brass ring. I didn’t think they had much of a shot, as they’d gone from 18 points down to 15 at the half. Jill came down and made a salad to go with pizza (the soup was for later in the week), and while we were finishing, the Colts started on their tear, finally tying it up, then ping ponged with the Pats pulling ahead and the Colts tying it again before the Colts finally wrapped it up with a touchdown over the Pats’ figgie and an interception to end it. Great game to watch, and the Superbowl looks promising.

Jill kept studying and I came up to check to see who’d won my eBay auctions, then went downstairs to pack up the winners’ packages while I watched “Battlestar Galactica”. Now I’m printing postage for those who’ve paid, and doing a little surfing. Hopefully I can get to bed soon.

2 thoughts on “TV and football (wait – that’s just more TV)”

  1. I just don’t have the heart to tell Dave that you were rooting for the colts 🙁
    …he was so sad last night…that’s all right, tho, Nascar starts in 3 weeks 🙂

  2. Aww c’mon – aren’t three titles in the last five years enough? Time to let someone else play (unless of course it’d been the Redskins with the titles, but the Pats aren’t my team). 😉

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