I thought that I was done, but the past two mornings I’ve felt absolutely miserable. I’m feeling better now, hopefully that will continue tomorrow. We’ve had lotsa soup and leftovers – I think the Costco lobster bisque with a couple drops of habanero sauce may be my new favorite sickness soup, over the old classic tomato. I haven’t had energy to do much, but at least I’ve made great strides at emptying the DVR. I had a Superman marathon yesterday – I had the first one on the DVR, had the new cut of Superman II on DVD (both decent, but I’ll never understand how that’s some people’s Holy Grail of superhero movies. What I really enjoyed was the Lost Room miniseries from Sci Fi – good mix of mystery and sci fi. I’ve caught up on nearly all my reading in periodicals, and actually read two books today – Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall (the usual high standards Fables story, with outstanding art) and Alias Omnibus (man, do I like Bendis, makes me want to pick up the Pulse as well).

3 thoughts on “Flu”

  1. Thank you!

    Book 2 of the very-special-editions arrived yesterday.

    I think these may require a special bookcase.

  2. Wait, you got a “Light Fantastic”? ’cause I got two – I thought they’d mis-shipped.

  3. Now I have to open the box! I was saving it for an afternoon where I’d have time to enjoy it.

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