Holiday weekend 2

Jill made pasta for dinner while I cleaned the office Friday, then she straightened up downstairs while I worked on getting my CDs ready, and we watched the new Weird Al special. Jill went to bed while I kept watching TV and I finished my CDs.

Saturday Jill ran out for coffee and a bagel while I made scrambled eggs and bacon. She started on the bathrooms and I tackled the kitchen. We went out to the liquor store, Safeway, and Trader Joe’s to pick up food and drinks, then came back home. I took Illa for a walk, then we finished cleaning and got ready. I hadn’t finished putting my CDs away when the first couple people showed up early at 6 – they had a concert to go to. We chatted with them for a while, then they left and we started food prep. We were mostly done by the time the first group of people showed up a little after 7.

It was a good party, I think we had about 15-16 total. The usual mix of coworkers (and classmates now) and friends, and lots of food. We had lots of appetizers, but no desserts, which wasn’t a problem as four separate people brought desserts (including Jill’s classmate Donna bringing an elaborately decorated cake).

The group broke up around 1, but Stuart showed up around 2 as we were cleaning up and left at 3 – it was his 4th party of the night. Nice to see everyone, but we were worn out.

Meg came from Charlottesville and stayed the night with her friend Ahren. They enjoyed my breaking out my old Nintendo system for one of my coworker’s sons, as the sounds of Duck Hunt floated around the upstairs this morning (Jill thought someone was playing with staplers). They didn’t stay long in the morning, just long enough for Meg to try the cake she hadn’t been able to the night before. I was feeling nostalgic at the sight of the Nintendo, and I played Super Mario through a couple levels before I lost.

I made pancakes with veggie sausage for breakfast at Jill’s request, then I showered while she watched some Rachel Ray. Then I watched the Skins game (finally a win) and read the paper and Jill went to check out Rachel Ray’s appearance in Tysons Corner tomorrow, and also worked on a budget (her first). Tonight we’re going to see the mighty JoCo open for Paul and Storm at Jammin’ Java.