It’s getting cold in here

Friday I actually got up earlier than Jill for once, as I had to be in work at 7:30. The good thing about that is I was home before it was dark, and it was still quite warm out, so I took Illa on a nice long walk on the bike trail. I relaxed for a while reading the paper and watching TV, then made a nice fatty dinner – frozen chicken kiev, frozen asparagus (with fresh hollandaise sauce) and leftover plantains from Pollo Ranchero. Very good with beer.

Saturday Jill got going early to study as her finals start Monday. I made myself eggs benedict (on a bagel since we were out of english muffins), then took Illa for a walk. It was colder, but still nice in a fleece. I went searching through the closet o’ stuff downstairs for more Dr. Who stuff since I’m starting an eBay auction today with Dr. Who comics, then took pictures of everything (and items for an Alan Moore auction I’ll start after the holidays) and got the listings ready (as well as catching up on surfing).

More TV while gift wrapping followed, then Jill got home around 9. I’d offered her three turkey and tortilla combinations: fajitas, quesadillas, and caesar salad wraps. She went with the caesar salad wraps, so I quickly whipped those together and served them with grapefruit halfs. The grapefruit was also important because I slowly working my way through the cocktail books I have, and there’s a couple drinks using grapefruit juice. The one last night was kind of a margarita, my favorite so far is a sea breeze. After dinner, I started a fire for the first time and pulled the ultimatic romantic step – put on the Tenacious D DVD to get ready for tonight’s show as we split a bottle of cava.

Today Jill once again headed out early to study, I got up about the same time but slower. I made an omelette for breakfast, then walked Illa before the Redskins game started. Not as good as last week, as the lead at halftime evaporated with Vick’s relentless assault. I finished the paper, now I have to start my auction before getting another turkey dinner ready, then we’ll head to the show (skipping the opening act, thank you very much).