I’m pretty happy about the way the elections went. Only thing better would have been for the Democratic candidates for the House from Northern Virginia to win, and for the “marriage” amendment to fail. Honestly, I’m surprised the Dems didn’t blow it – but I’m glad they didn’t.

I was a little surprised Allen conceded, but it sounds like he doesn’t want to be a sore loser in case John Warner doesn’t run again for the Senate in 2008, or maybe he wants to run for governor again in 2009.

I was most surprised about Rumsfeld. That’s almost admitting Bush was wrong, and that’s not his style. However, now’s the best time for him to do it if he wants a confirmation hearing before the Dems take control.

I hope the Democrats can actually pass some of their agenda, particularly lobbying reform, a minimum wage increase, and removing some of the tax cuts. If they fail to get things done in the two years they’ve been given, they deserve to lose control again in 2008.