Operation: Mindcrime

Yesterday was pretty laid back, I made scrambled eggs for breakfast, then Jill and I hastily cleaned up as my mom was coming over to drop off her car on the way to the airport. I watched some TV, websurfed, and read some papers while Jill ran errands. I didn’t even make dinner, Jill mad a quick but tasty meal of Trader Joe’s artichoke ravioli, asparagus, and shrimp.

Last night I had the opportunity to once again recapture a ’90s experience I missed. I’ve been doing that a lot of lately (Golden Smog, Alice In Chains) and you could include the Extreme reunion of something ’90s I wanted more of. First stop was Tower Records to see what discount they were at in the liquidation process. 30% on CDs, which meant $11.90 since most were originally $16.99. I may not go at 40%, just wait for 50% which would be $8.50 (since that’d be a lower price than getting them used).

Queensryche first came to my attention through their concept album Operation: Mindcrime. Released in 1988, the first time they toured behind it was 1990 for their “Empire” tour (that was when they had their biggest hit with “Silent Lucidity”). I didn’t see that show, and didn’t think I’d ever get a chance. However, this year they released a sequel, Operation: Mindcrime II. I figured the subsequent tour would feature both albums and I was right.

I got to the club with 10 minutes to spare, so I got a beer (a peach lambic sounded good) and took my place on the stage right balcony. There was a curtain, but it soon came down and the band came out. It was an intesting hybrid of rock show and musical. The band was at the front of the stage (minus the drummer at stage right, and the rest of the stage contained the set. The singer, Geoff Tate, wore a headset mic and never really interacted with the band, only the other actors and actresses.

They finished Operation: Mindcrime, then took a 30 minute break, so I had a Dogfish Head Indian Pale Ale and people watched (wasn’t nearly as fun as the Alice In Chains show). I actually felt more familiar with the material from Operation: Mindcrime II, since I’ve been listening to it all week (and I’ve listened to Operation: Mindcrime so much over the years). Both were good, and it was nice to see the storyline wrapped up.

I’d read that they would come back and do a couple of hits for the encore. I was hoping for at least one from “Empire”. They played “The Whisper” (from Rage for Order) first (to appreciative cries), then finished with the title track from “Empire” (one of my two faves, I would also have accepted “Jet City Woman”). While I never liked Queensryche as much as Dream Theater, I always enjoyed their early material and was happy to finally see Operation: Mindcrime live.

Jill was asleep when I got back, so Illa and I had dessert, then I read some more papers and went to bed. Today Jill left early to study, when I got up I walked Illa, then made myself an omelette. I took Illa on a long walk ending just as the Skins game started. They finally pulled out a win, then I finished the paper, watched more TV, and stirfried some beef and veggies for dinner after Jill got back. Now she’s chatting on the phone, and I’m surfing. She’ll be studying again soon, and I’ll probaly start my monthly comics, since I’m nearly caught up on TV.