TV Weekend

Friday was mildly strange. Jill got up a little before me, but came back in – her car wouldn’t start. I tried to start and jump it, but no luck. So she took me to work, then went to school. When she got home, she called AAA to tow the car to the mechanic, and I took the bus home. Jill was watching TV, so I went upstairs to read the paper and listen to Lindsey Buckingham. She made a salad, then I came downstairs and cooked a pizza. After dinner, we finished watching “Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit” and the making of. Jill was sllepy and went to bed, I wasn’t and stayed up watching TV (“Jericho” and “Arrested Development”).

Saturday we went to pick up Jill’s car (it started fine for them, of course, but she’d gotten an oil change anyway). Then she went off to run errands and I went home and made an omelette. I watched the rest of Stewart/Colbert and Bill maher, then hit my TV backlog (“Smallville”, 2 “Eureka”, 2 “Robot Chicken” and “Metalocalypse”) and read the paper while watching a Blues Traveler concert. I made a Malaysian recipe for spicy noodle soup (with coconut milk, chicken, and shrimp) and sweet potato greens while Jill studied, then she went back upstairs and I watched more TV (“Dr. Who” and SNL).

Today she was out early for a study session, I slept in, then made huevos and took Illa for a walk before the game. The Skins got another spanking in Giants Stadium, hopefully they’ll split their series again this year. Next week should be a win vs. the Titans, but the Colts will be tough. I finished the paper and watched some “Battlestar Galactica” and now am going downstairs to make ribs for dinner. I’m online now because I might go check out Porcupine Tree tonight, but I’m not sure because I’m definitely going to shows Monday and Tuesday.