The week so far…

I was up way too late on Sunday, finishing laundry and the paper and watching TV. I didn’t roll into work until after 11 Monday, so even without taking much of a lunch break left pretty late, then went grocery shopping, and didn’t get home until after 9. We had a quick shrimp primavera meal (I’d bought a heat n’ serve bag), then Jill went to bed. I stayed up ’til 12 watching “Heroes” (a little slower paced than the pilot) and “Studio 60” (still good).

I got up at 6:30 Tuesday to try and make a 7:45 bus. I was out there at 7:44, but it must have already come. It was a good thing to drive, as the earliest bus leaving work came after 4, and I needed to be at the bus station by 4. Jill had her first exams, and she wanted me to come celebrate and meet some classmates for happy hour at Cactus Cantina. I got there around 5:30, and the bar was packed – apparently most of her class had decided to blow off some steam. I ordered a quesadilla and we had some drinks, then got a table and had dinner with her two research parteners, Kelly and Angela and their husbands Mike and Anthony. They’re the ones Jill studies with as well, so they spend a lot of time together. Jill had enchiladas and I had the pollo asada, very good. Afterwards we headed home (with a brief detour through Fair Lakes to pick up the new Lindsey Buckingham CD). I had coffee Tuesday morning to keep me awake, but was wiped out when we got home after 9. Illa was wired after spending 13 hours alone – he got walked halfway through, but he still had lots of energy. We played while I watched “Enterprise” and Stewart/Colbert, then I finished the paper and went to bed.

I needed a full 8 hours of sleep, got almost that much, but got in late to work again. Got home after 7:30 and decided a relatively quick dinner was in order – taco salad. I watched Stewart/Colbert, then Jill joined me for the “Lost” premiere (the one show she’s going to watch this season). No spoilers, but she guessed a couple plot points – interesting direction so far. Now I’m surfing a little while listening to Robert Cray (he’s opening for Eric Clapton Tuesday).