Smoggy night

Last night was the greatest show of the year by a Minneapolis based supergroup. I got home around 7 and Jill wasn’t there – she was unwinding at a coffee shop. I took Illa for a long walk, then Jill came back as we did and we played with him for a while. Jill went upstairs to read, and I read and watched TV (Umphrey’s McGee interview), then ate a turkey sandwich (she wasn’t hungry). I’d planned on leaving around 9, but there was a downpour, so I delayed and didn’t leave until after 9:30. I drove to East Falls Church and took the train to the 9:30 club.

Golden Smog is currently made up of members of Soul Asylum, The Jayhawks, Run Westy Run, and Big Star. I’m a huge fan of Gary Louris of The Jayhawks (as you might notice he scored #2 in my top shows of 2005). They actually had all three members of the last incarnation of The Jayhawks, as Marc Perlman was on bass, and Tim O’Reagan (former drummer) was opening the show. I got there too late to see him, getting to the club a little after 11, but I’d listened to his CD and nothing had particularly grabbed me.

I didn’t have much hope for a reunion, as only members of Tim’s band have been joining the Smog for songs, but I was wrong, as he joined them on drums for “Jennifer Save Me”. The funny thing was this guy was standing next to me breathing hard, and I didn’t really notice until the song was ending and he took off towards the stage that it was Jody Stephens, their drummer.

The rest of the show was great. Gary shone on a cover of “Starman”, but his own songs like “Won’t Be Coming Home” and “Until You Came Along” were great to finally hear live. “Corvette” from the new album (with vocals from Dan Murphy and Gary) was the set ender and a highlight of the new CD as well, but most entertaining was Gary trying to get the band (and crowd) going on a cover of J. Geils Band’s “Centerfold”.

The show was over around 1:30, and I didn’t get home until nearly 3. Illa was still up, and we played and I petted him while watching the first half of “Fantastic Four” (I don’t know why, but the guy playing Reed Richards seems miscast).