Stupid jalapenos

Friday I got up early (couldn’t get back to sleep after Jill left), so I was home by 6. I had bought scallops when I went grocery shopping (and they were expensive, even at 50% off), and I made kabobs with them, steak, and shrimp we already had. Couldn’t decide between a wine and lime butter recipe so I made both (I gave the edge to the lime butter one). I finished watching Blade and Anchorman while I cooked. Later, I caught up on papers while Jill went to sleep.

Saturday we slept in some, then I made eggs benedict and we gathered our “hazardous waste” (paint, glue, etc.) for the dropoff they were having in Herndon. Jill went off to run errands and I went over to to Best Buy (new Audioslave CD), then Micro Center to pick up some speakers for Jill’s computer and some blank media and another SD card. After that, my mom’s – she’d had Cox drop cable into the den where the computer was, and I needed to get her email and all her apps setup. That took three hours, as I also had to show her how to use SeaMonkey and Open Office (no sense giving her IE and Outlook Express, as I’m not going to do tech support on something I don’t use).

When I got back home, Jill was in pain. She’d made salsa with some of the tomatoes we had, and she’d gotten jalapeno juice on her hands. I told her to soak them in yogurt, but that was only helping a little, so she switched off between that and ice water. She couldn’t concentrate on studying, so we watched the new “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. Man, you can tell where Tim Burton and Johnny Depp were giggling when they made the film. Not a bad movie, but bits were just too over the top. I think I prefer the Gene Wilder version. We stopped in the middle and I made pecan stuffed pork chops for dinner, then we finished the movie. Jill took some drugs and went to bed, whil I finished the paper and “Fever Pitch” (the least of the Nick Hornby adaptions, but still cute).

Sunday I got up earlier and had cereal and read the paper. Jill was feeling back to normal, thank goodness. We left at 2:30 for Annapolis. Dar Williams was playing the Rams Head for two shows, and the early one meant Jill could come. We went for a late lunch/early dinner beforehand at Lemongrass, a nearby Thai place. We started with the roast duck salad (pefrect amount of fish sauce and ginger) then I had the lemongrass pork and Jill had the green chicken curry. We both though our dishes were spiced just right. We headed over to the Rams Head, where we got dessert – scrumptious carrot cake (the selection at Lemongrass wasn’t great) and a Copperhead Ale for me and a Hazelnut Latte for Jill, then sat back in our table near the front to enjoy the show. Dar was her usual entertaining self, full of endearing goofs and stories (and the namedropper had her own name dropped by Dar, she must have been in heaven). We made it home by 8:30, plenty of time for Jill to hit the books again and me to start reading my monthly shipment of comics (after I finish this, of course).

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  1. Wrong school – did you hit the bottom?

    To go coed, the school must now adopt a new name – there already is a Randolph-Macon College, a former men’s school in Ashland. Christman hoped a task force would have a name to suggest this fall.

    We went coed in 1971, the ladies are behind the times.

  2. Wrong school – did you hit the bottom?

    Well, probably. I have been giving you grief about RMWC v/ RMC for what, 18 years?

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