Another Treo fix

About a month ago, my phone started dropping calls, both incoming and outgoing, and it’s only been getting worse. I did some research, found out it was a known issue. The interesting solution: a new battery. So I ordered one off eBay, it came Monday and I installed it last night (while watching Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band in HD, a wonderfully cheesy film I remember watching in Chris’s basement). The operation was more than a success, not only does the phone work fine but the new battery charges faster.

Only bad thing – I’ve lost my stylus somewhere, so last night I ordered three more styli (hey, that’s the plural I’ve seen used), plus a new case. The one I had (fondly referred to as the phone condom) is starting to come apart, and I decided I want a change, so I’ve ordered a leather flip case as well (all from