Late summary, more music.

This update’s late because of a power outage last night, and my week of concerts (with a day off in between) ended.

Friday night I came home and read the paper on the deck until it got too dark. I came in and made a caesar salad, then warmed some taquitos for Jill and some Popeye’s chicken for me (that we’d meant to bring to Wolf Trap for efo). I finished watching Deadwood, then headed upstairs to surf while Jill cleaned the guest room and bathroom, then she went to bed.

Saturday I got up around 12:30 (yes, I was up ’til nearly 4) and took Illa for a walk, made an egg sandwich, then started cleaning. When Illa was molting, I hadn’t cleaned the bottom stairs or the library, so I got started on that. Since we’re not keeping him in the crate anymore (just using the baby gate to keep him downstairs when we’re sleeping or out), I took it apart, then brought it outside to clean. It was 3PM and Jill still wasn’t up, but vacuuming was the last thing I had to do downstairs so I did that, which I think woke her up. I continued upstairs, then I cleaned the bathroom floors and our bathroom sink (Jill volunteered to do the other half). We were done by 5PM, plenty of time as it turned out. Jill’s friend Joanna was coming from Massachusetts, but she’d hit delays and didn’t end up arriving until 9. In that time I finished the paper, cuaght up on nearly all my TV, and finished off my monthly comics and Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather (which I’d started on vacation).

Joanna got there and wanted to sit for a bit but she wasn’t hungry, so I made some chicken club wraps for Jill and I. The social options of the evening were a friend’s party and a concert, and Joanna opted for the latter. Angie Aparo was playing at Jammin’ Java, but a late show that started at 9:30. Good thing, as we didn’t get going until nearly 10. Luckily, it was still the set break when we arrived so we didn’t miss any – especially good for me since I got permission to film. Angie’s a great showman, so the show was fun (and we heard our faves “Hush”, “Cry” and “Spaceship”). Jammin’ Java now has a full liquor license, so Joanna and I tested that out. After we got back, we played rummy until we’d had enough, then I went to bed.

Sunday I go up around 10:30 and made pancakes using leftover batter from last weekend. I read the paper and watched some TV, eventually seeing Joanna for a brief siting around 1, then Jill got up around 3. They’d apparently stayed up until 5 the night before. Jill had an english muffin, then we took the paper recyclables out and went grocery shopping. Joanna got up around 5, then we were hanging out in the living room. The power went out around 6:30 with no warning (there had been light rain several hours earlier). We weren’t too upset since we were planning on going out to dinner anyway, so we enjoyed the air conditioned house until it started to warm up, then went to Sweetwater.

We’d forgotten we’d brought Joanna there on a previous visit, but she wasn’t that upset. She and Jill got “beer on a stick” while I got a Pale Face Summer Wheat beer, and we made sure the waitress brought extra “ozzies” (the sweet round rolls). We all had the field greens salad, then Joanna had the crab cakes, while Jill and I both got the Drunken Ribeye (marinated in beer). Very tasty, but no room for dessert (and even Jill has declared it’s not their strong suit). There was a spill, but miraculously not me or Jill – when the waitress took our plates, a dish of ketchup fell off and splashed me pretty good. Happily I was just wearing a t-shirt, and I know ketchup comes out easily, so I told the worried waitress I wasn’t bothered.

As we returned we could see the power still wasn’t back, and it was our court, plus another one and the streetlights. So we lit all the candles (now PartyLite doesn’t seem like such a bad idea), then got a boom box from upstairs to play CDs and some games from downstairs. We played more rummy, plus a hand of Fluxx and a game of Trivial Pursuit. A little before 12 the power came back on, but we finished our game of Trivial Pursuit, finishing a little after 1. I went to bed a little after 2, intending to get up at 8, but that didn’t happen. Instead I slept ’til 9:30, not making it into work until after 11. Busy day, then I came home and grilled burgers and we watched, now I’m trying to get to bed at a reasonable hour.

2 thoughts on “Late summary, more music.”

  1. ok, question…when you said that you used pancake batter from last week, had it been frozen? Or was it really still good from last week in the fridge…just curious because I’m an idiot about throwing stuff out after 3 days…
    maybe it’s a guy thing…Dave keeps stuff going forever…so did my grandfather-and he was around for 88 years…now I’m rambling…

  2. 7 days – then it’s frozen, used, or thrown out. That’s also with stuff that will be heated or cooked to a high temperature, in case bacteria has formed.

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