Fright Night

Last night Jill was working on her paper for her class, and I decided to explore what I had recorded on the DVR. It turned our to be a horror-ible night. I started off with the first two episodes of Stephen King’s Nightmares and Dreamscapes (two eps each week are airing for four weeks). The second one, “Crouch End”, was weak – in writing, direction, and acting. Not surprising, only a few King adaptions can bring the skill he has to life. Which was a shame, as the first one, “Battleground”, has to be one of the best adaptions of a King story I’ve seen (Shawshank Redemption and the Green Mile still rank higher, of course). William Hurt stars, and he really brings the character to life, but the special effects are perfect and look amazing in HD.

We had chicken and zucchini for dinner (I was going to grill the chicken, but the propane ran out so I cooked it in the toaster oven), then Jill went back upstairs, and I watched Shaun Of The Dead. A zombie movie with a lot of laughs, I enjoyed it. It starts as more of a satire as the characters go through their lives oblivious to the zombies in their midst. A British production but nothing too hard to understand – my favorite moments were the creative uses of two Queen songs.