Weekday updates

Some of which is boring, underlining why I don’t usually report on the minutiae of my week (no, I don’t know why I felt like it this time).

Sunday after I made BBQ sauce I started cooking pork chops in vinegar in the crock pot, later dumping the vinegar and replacing it with the BBQ sauce. By the time I went to bed I had pulled pork, and that’s what we had for dinner Monday (at slightly different times since Jill worked nights through Wednesday). I watched Deadwood (it feels like forever since I’ve seen it, and I didn’t remember everything in the what had come before clip) while I made summer turkey chili and read the paper.

Tuesday I had the chili for dinner, and watched the last of the Firefly eps, as well as the bonus features. When I took Illa for a walk is when I noticed a raccoon had been caught, and there was a lot of noise that night. My left ankle started spasming for no reason I could tell that night, and I worked on its trigger points for a while.

The raccoon was removed Wednesday, and there’s been no captures since. Wednesday night my left ankle was bothering me more, so to entertain Illa I gave him a bone, which we hadn’t done since he got sick. He left me alone all night after that except for dinner, where I had leftover BBQ sandwiches. I watched the Daily Show/Colbert Report, and read comics, including the Serenity miniseries (which means the movie is next, finally).

Thursday I went out to lunch at Damon’s to welcome a new coworker, enjoyed a prime rib sandwich as we watched the first half of the England vs. Trinidad and Tobago match in the World Cup, groaning along when one of Trinidad and Tobago players took a ball in the nuts (I wasn’t aware that one of the treatments for that was squirting water down your shorts). That night Jill and I went to see the ladies of The Veltz Family (formerly known as Cecilia) in Herndon, Jill whipping up a quick picnic dinner beforehand – BBQ sandwich for her, chicken tacos for me, and fruit salad. A good show, watched it with Stuart and Janice and Mike. Afterwards, we watched Lewis Black’s new HBO special – funny, but I was so tired I was falling asleep on the couch, and went to bed while Jill checked email.

Friday Jill was working ’til 11, so I had dinner without her (salad and shrimp), watching the Commander in Chief finale, the Tonight Show with Ann Coulter and George Carlin (no battle like I was hoping for) and two Justice League episodes. I wanted to catch Justice League when it aired, but could never get the hang of watching or recording on Saturday nights, and as time passed it got too far into it. But I saw while flipping channels Boomerang (Cartoon Network sister station) has it airing every night at 11, and it’s in the middle of the first season. I wouldn’t normally dive into a TV show there, but I think I know their origin pretty well at this point (several versions of it, too). They’re also airing Superman and Batman after it, and I’ve been meaning to watch those too, but won’t now because a) they’re further in to the series and b) with Daily Show/Colbert Report not repeats, that gives me over an hour (without commercials) of daily watching already.

My ankle’s still bugging me, feels less like spasming and more like tingling, which likely means nerve issues (like I had in my right foot), so I’ve been wearing a brace since Thursday. The soonest I could see the doctor for it is next Wednesday, so we’ll see how it goes in the meantime. Guess I’m back to driving with the right foot.