Couldn’t start the Cars

I decided to head to Wolf Trap last night to catch the New Cars. I’d seen Blondie before, so I thought I’d time it to get there after they finished. I got there about 9:45, and they’d just started, according to the setlist they’d been playing. Perfect timing I thought – but I was wrong. I wanted to just go there and buy a lawn ticket, but the box office was closed, and the ushers were no help. So I hung out and listened to a few songs, and they sounded good, but just listening isn’t the same, and I don’t count that as seeing a band, so I left. Today I found this on the box office hours:

Filene Center Performance days: Until the end of intermission or 9 pm, whichever is later.

I’ll know better next time.

Since I didn’t spend any money there, I’ve decided to go see Tom Petty on Saturday. Trey Anastasio (from Phish) opening was already pretty cool (though Pearl Jam would have been awesome, but that’s a different leg), but now they’ve added Stevie Nicks. Wonder what the chance is they’ll play “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around”?