Sunshine, Dr. Who, and a Taste

Since Jill is still gone, it was a solo weekend (if you don’t count the dog). I’d started emptying out the fridge, most notably with my asparagus, avacado and bacon wraps (with hollaindaise sauce) on Thursday, so my big outing Friday was to the grocery store, where I picked up a small steak (cheap ’cause it was drop dead day, but I picked up and later forgot the sauerkraut) and made fajitas for dinner. Incidentially, I found if you slice an avacado in half, then sprinkle lemon juice on top and put in a ziploc, you can cut a small slice off the top the next day and the rest isn’t brown at all. Later, I watched Alias and That ’70s Show, then made a DVD of them and sent it off to Jill.

After that excitement, I couldn’t sleep in – or maybe it was my alarm going off. I had a walkthrough for the HOA, and that took most of the morning. I was thinking of going and seeing Robbie Schaefer’s children’s CD release show, but by the time I’d showered and made eggs benedict, it was too late. The day wasn’t bad – I took Illa on a really long walk, sat outside and read the paper, and watched the first five episodes of Dr. Who, since I’d watched everything on the DVR Jill didn’t want to see. I can’t believe I hadn’t watched it before, as I’m really enjoying it. I may not think of Britney Spear’s “Toxic” or bodily emissions in the same way again.

I was thinking of seeing Quitter U.K. at Fat Tuesday’s, the place where I’d first seen emmet swimming with Chris, but I’d developed a headache and just had some leftover pasta, then read some Fantastic Four (I’d finished organizing up to the F’s while watching Dr. Who).

Sunday I slept in big time, about 10 hours. After walking Illa, making an omelette and showering, it was after 2, and I’d thought I’d leave around 1:30 for the Taste Of Arlington. I was trying to catch Brother Shamus, the second band of Eddie Hartness, namesake of Eddie From Ohio. I got a later start than that, thanks to forgetting my earplugs, and got there at 3. Just in time to see the band on stage do their last song, and Eddie playing on drums. Luckily he was playing percussion, so I knew it wasn’t Brother Shamus, where he plays only drums. It was Radio Mosaic instead, and after they were done I wandered around for a bit.

I thought about trying some of the food , but books of tickets were only available in six packs for $25 each. I wasn’t that hungry, so I chatted to Eddie and to Susan, the fellow Edhead who was running the thing, but both were pretty busy, so I sat down and waited for the show. I’d only seen Brother Shamus once, and that was two years ago, at their first public show. They were much better this time – their sound reminded me of a mashup of John Mayer, Santana, and the Allman Brothers.

I stuck around for a couple songs from Ted Garber (a mix of Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz), since Eddie was playing with him as well (and here’s them), then left. I had to go to my favorite store, CD Cellar, this time to their Clarendon spinoff to go through their clearance rack. I stopped at Safeway to pick up sauerkraut plus a couple of things for the week, then home to walk the dog, before the rain which never arrived.

I read the paper on the deck for a while, but Illa brought out his squeaky tiger and wanted to play. It was a little cool to be outside after that, so I finished reading inside and watched another ep of Dr.Who, then started watching the extras off the DVDs while I prepped dinner. I had leftover ribs, sauerkraut (with homemade BBQ sauce) and asparagus for dinner, plus a Magic Hat #9 – perfect meal. I watched SNL, than popped up to the office to surf (caught the Daily Show/Colbert Report I missed this week). Jill just called, she thinks she’ll come home either Thursday or Saturday (she wants to skip traffic on Friday). Her mom’s doing better (turns out to be a bacterial infection), but they still don’t know when she can leave the hospital.