MP3 player at last

While I can play mp3s on my phone, I hadn’t really messed with it too much due to the rather crappy speaker it has. Last Friday I was trying to play some songs from the opening act that night on it, and decided it was ridiculous – the phone has a headphone jack, and my car has a headphone input.

But the Treo is tricky – I knew the ear bud that came with it you could hear the phone but not music on. Finally I tracked down some forums where I found out I needed a 3/32″ (or 2.5mm) adapter. Luckily, someone had found the exact part at Radio Shack with the caveat that you needed to cut the plastic off the end to get it to fit in the recessed area on the Treo. So last night while we watched Lost (good ep, psyched about the finale), I cut it down, then used an adapter to connect to my stereo. Success!

So I was ready this morning to plug into my car stereo (I’d bought a 1/8″ to 1/8″ cord as well at Radio Shack). Didn’t work – sound was coming from the phone. In talking to Rob, my coworker who also has a Treo, he told me he’d tried the same thing and there isn’t enough resistance on the cord to the stereo, and he needed to add a splitter and connect a pair of headphones on one end. So when I got home, I tried his advice, and it finally worked.