Circus Boy

Didn’t see much of Jill on Friday – she was wiped fro the week and didn’t even want dinner, went to bed soon after I got home. So I fixed some leftovers and caught up on media. 3 newspapers, Daily Show/Colbert Report, Sopranos, and some music shows, as well as last week’s Entertainment Weekly.

She was up before me on Saturday, and I got up around 11, started making an omelette. She called and wanted to go out to lunch, so I finished the omelette and put it away. We finally made it to Sweetwater Tavern, where I had the lobster and Monterey Salad and she had the Louisiana Pasta. I had the beer on a stick (samplers), and she had the Snakebite Black & Tan. Afterwards, we ran errands (Total Wine, where I scored the Magic Hat spring sampler pack, Target for nerf guns, and Safeway) while stopping by Ben & Jerry’s for dessert. I read the paper in the afternoon and watched Smallville before getting ready to go out.

We went to Jake’s Restaurant and Pub for Jill’s (Reston) boss’s birthday party (her husband owns the place). The food was excellent – I had some of their crab and artichoke dip, and they had a buffet with chicken chambord and pan seared scallops. They also had a full draft beer list – first time I’d had a Yuengling porter. We’d thought about going to play pool later, but with the clocks moving ahead and Jill working today, we skipped it. We watched Lost and Paul McCartney at Abbey Road instead, and tried out the new Magic Hat beers. I thought Batch 373 was ok, but really liked their hefeweizen, Circus Boy.

Today Jill’s out, so I’m amusing myself. In the middle of watching Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow and Hitch (couldn’t decide which to watch first, watched 30 minutes of both so far), already taken Illa on a long walk, next I have to package some eBay auctions up before I go outside and read the paper. And prep the ribs for cooking tonight. Life ain’t bad, is it?