Artists To Sneeze At

Friday we went out to Jammin’ Java to see Getaway Car. What I hadn’t realized until the day before, was that Adam Richman, their opening act, was an artist who almost made it to my Artists To Watch, so we got to see two of ’em. Unfortunately, my scratchy throat in the morning had developed into a runny nose, and we went home about 2/3s into Getaway Car’s set (but didn’t miss the cello, which was cool). I wasn’t in the mood to do much and finished watching the Last Samurai. DVRs are nice, because I’d been watching bits of it, and didn’t have to face the full 2 and a half hours at one. Cruise ain’t bad, but Ken Watanabe is excellent.

I slept poorly, and Saturday I mostly laid on the couch, besides walking Illa. We had an appointment with the folks at Paw Nanny. They’re dog walkers, and all of their employees are either current or former vet techs. I want to start having them come walk Illa when Jill is working a 12 (meaning she’s gone nearly 14 hours), and I feel I can’t work a 9 or 10 hour day because I’m worried about his bladder (inches away from all our books). They were nice, and I think they’ll work well.

Jill had a hankering for Sweetwater Tavern, but after I thought about it, I had to turn her down – I just was not in the mood to go out. So she had the good idea to go out and get thai at Thai Luang. I got Lemon Grass soup with chicken, and Fried Garlic chicken, both Thai hot. I’d intended to only get the entree hot, and was the soup was so spicy I didn’t finish it, although the entree was perfect. Later, I made a fire and we watched 24 (very romantic, I know).

Today, we both slept in and I’m feeling better. Caught up on newspapers and watched Austin City Limits. Finished both in time to watch George Mason’s upset of Connecticut (I think I’m an almuni even if I never graduated, right?). Now I’ve been surfing and launching my first eBay auctions of the year (never going to get rid of all the old comics if I don’t).

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  1. Watch what?

    Hey, I was actually listening to a radio this week (had to go somewhere by car for a change) and heard Alternate Routes get some airtime.

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