A new experience

My favorite part of the weekend was giving Illa a belly rub so long on Saturday (at least an hour), that he fell asleep, and eventually started dreaming – twitching legs and everything. This photo is from last week, but it’s the same position he was in.

Good weekend in general. Finished my back stock of comics and some TV, made an omelette for lunch and Reubens and asparagus for dinner on Saturday. I just started getting a free subscription to Money magazine, and Jill and I took their financial compatibailty quiz for couples. Good news, we can stay together! Seriously, it was interesting finding out some misconceptions we’d had about the other, though I think we argue more about other things.

Sunday I was busy. Got up and made breakfast burritos, then went to identify dead trees with a fellow HOA board member. Illa was happy because I took him along, and we were out for an hour. Then we cut some of the dead trees down (ok, I didn’t cut, I don’t want to hold a chainsaw, but I did everything else). Later on, I has hot enough to want to read the paper outside, then Illa saw another dog, Bear, that he plays with sometimes and I had to take him back out to play. I read half the paper outside until I got cold, then finished inside. A little cleaning after that, then it was time to go to my mom’s for corned beef and cabbage (lots of corned beef this weekend, but I’m ok with that). A weird situation over there as my sister’s cat is there since my sister’s overseas, and my mom’s dog is scared of the cat.