St. Patty’s

We had a potluck lunch today at work for St. Patrick’s Day. Since my mini burgers were a hit at one last year, I tried out mini-Reubens today. The centerpiece was a cocktail size loaf of rye bread, just got the rest of the ingredients as usual (corned beef, thousand island dressing, swiss cheese and sauerkraut) and cooked them on an electric grill we had in the office. They were a success – now I’m wondering what else can be shrunken down for a future one.

Jill had a potluck lunch today as well, she made a veggie platter. Neither of us were that hungry and she went to bed after she took the dog on a long walk, but I had bought some Guinness and I had one and a mini pizza. I watched the David Gilmour DVD and read the paper, then read some comics. Now I’m wiped, and headed to bed.