Can’t believe it’s only Tuesday – feels much later.

The Oscars were fun on Sunday – especially since I was the winner of the golden bunny for guessing the most winners (thank goodness for Entertainment Weekly). We also had pizza and some tasty Wegman’s treats, thanks to Mo, our host. Hard to believe he hasn’t been to our place yet, will have to reciprocate soon. I’m on a late schedule this week as a result, as I didn’t make it to be until 1:30 that night, and not until work ’til 11 and 10:30 so far.

Got rid of my extra Queen ticket, thanks to a friend of Mel’s – funny how I couldn’t do that with an auction on eBay, or posts to craigslist or We’re going to hit RFD before the show, and it’s always nice to relax over dinner beforehand, rather than rushing to beat traffic and getting there just in time (or a little late).

Going to make $100 tomorrow night – I’ve been invited to take part of a focus group in Fairfax that want my opinion on TV. Easy money.