Catching up

As last weekend, no big plans for this weekend, so I mostly caught up. We finished watching TV recorded over vacation (watched 3 24s mid week, 2 Losts last night and I’ve watched several music shows as well as Daily Show/Colbert Reports, Real Time, Battlestar Galactica, and Smallville, as well as I, Robot), and finished all periodicals and web surfing. Had clam chowder and crab stuffed shrimp Friday, made burgers last night, going over to an Oscar party tonight where we’ll probably have pizza.

Took the dog on a couple long walks, including a “brush clearing” one to get the thorns weeds off the path in the woods – not sure why the prez likes it so much, I was sweaty and tired when through. Favorite thing I did today was read Nick Hornby’s Songbook, a collection of essays about songs he likes, that came with a companion CD (only hald of the songs, and I only had another 5, but that’s ok). Interesting reading with an actual soundtrack, since I usually read with music on. And it really resonated with me (pun intended). I especially liked this passage:
And all my life I have relied on others to tip me off,
enthusiasts effectively and happily serving as Austenesque
matchmakers between eligible wallflower music and those
who have the capacity and resources to love it. It’s people
like these who are the difference between a feeble little CD
collection that will fit into some stupid designer tower, and
a wall of shelves occupying a disproportionate part of your
living room. And what are you going to do with an empty wall?

I totally agree with that empty wall problem. Weird fact – we’re going to see him talk in Reston this month for the first time, but I’ve already got two of the three book by him I own signed. I picked up a copy of High Fidelity at a London used bookstore and it turned out to be signed – then Jill picked up Long Way down for me at Costco and it was signed. I figure the next one I pick up won’t be, but it’ll be interesting to see what happens with the fifth.