New favorite channel

It’s nice having all the video music channels, especially since MTV2 became weighted down by shows instead of videos. I mostly keep it on VH1 Classic, sometimes going to MTV Hits or Soundtrack Channel (really quite good). Not just ’cause I’m a music fan, I like video music channels because I can watch them or ignore them if I’m reading or talking, as anything else sucks me in and I can’t turn away.

So I’m channel surfing this weekend, and flip through the HD channels. Verizon had added MHD, basically MTV in HD. And it looks amazing, I was surprised there was that much music available in HD (though I suppose they’ve been stockpiling it recently in preparation). First thing I watched was a Coldplay concert, absolutely mesmerizing. Makes me wonder if something like this will actually make people watch, or it’s doomed like every other MTV channel eventually to carry all their crap shows I hate (I found on vacation even MTV Europe plays “Made” and “Cribs”).