Apres vacation

We slept in Saturday, unpacked and ran errands. We had beer battered shrimp and potato crusted fish (both frozen, didn’t feel like really cooking), then went to see eddie from ohio at the Rams Head in Annapolis. The drive there and back wasn’t that great due to the wind, but the show was worth it. They were on, and a lot of fun. Plus, we had the best seats in the house (I was quick on the click when they were announced).

Sunday I made strawberry waffles (at Jill’s request) and the wafflemaker gave up the ghost (finished the waffles, though). Jill ran some errands while I started on the huge vacation blog entry (my apologies to the LJ folks), then I cooked a pizza (Freschetta has wheat crusts now) while Jill made a salad. Afterwards, she went to work while I finished up the blog entry – took about 9 hours start to finish.

Weird being back at work, but I’m in the middle of a project and fell right back into the routine. Tonight Jill’s at work, I had canned chowder for dinner. Started an eBay auction for an extra pair of Queen + Paul Rodgers tix next week. Jill doesn’t like floor seats, but they were the first that came up, so I snagged ’em. A friend had expressed interest but didn’t follow through, so I’m selling them off.

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  1. I started selling books on Amazon while you were away. Sold 12 already! here’s the list, anything you want you can have.

    Clearing space for the nursery.

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