Wish you were here

Our last day in Cala D’or today – tomorrow off to Barcelona. Having a very good time, but not going to do a full write up until we get back. Weather is warm and sunny, unlike we hear it is back home (we also hear it’s unwise to sneak up on the VP, but that’s another story).

Random observations:
Most heard song: Bangles’ Manic Monday
Sin is bad – since it means nonalcoholic, which I wish we’d known before we left the supermarket
Having a car on Mallorca is good – just got back from visiting the market (and shopping) in Inca, and that was our third excursion.

May write from Barcelona, but we’ll only be there for two days.

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  1. I’ve been up too long – at first I tried to figure out which city the map was referring to.


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