And the winner is:

Ameriquest (first one, in the hospital). Oh, please, like you haven’t heard the winner of the game. Runners-up? 2nd Ameriquest, MacGyver Mastercard and Sprint’s Benny Hill ringtone.

Let’s backtrack: Thursday I went out for my first and last dim sum at work (some folks really didn’t enjoy it). Between that and leaving early for a Herndon Festival meeting I was down on hours, and I had to work nearly 10 on Friday, so both Jill and I were fried at the end of the day. I was in the mood for hot dogs, and we both had fully loaded ones (with chili and cheese), then Jill went to bed while I surfed and read the paper and some comics.

Saturday we slept in some, then I got up and made myself some egg sandwiches while watching Battlestar Galactica. I took Illa on a long walk then read the paper. Jill got up by 2, then ran some errands. We were doing an Asian based pot luck dinner that evening and she’d volunteered to make pork and shrimp balls (courtesy of Rachel Ray), and she needed ingredients. She finished about when it was time to go a little after 5, so we got the food and Illa, dropped him off at the kennels for his trial run, and headed off to Sterling.

Not as many people as we thought were coming, but we still had a fun evening, not leaving until after 1. Jill worked today (she hadn’t wanted to go because she’d slept so much on Saturday), and I slept ’til noon. I needed to because of the amount of scotch I’d consumed, but I had to get moving so they didn’t charge me for keeping Illa at the Kennels longer than overnight. I tried out his new seatbelt harness, which was a success in that it kept him in place, but a failure in that he chewed more than halfway through the seatbelt.

He was wiped out, and just slept through the afternoon, so I read the paper, then started watching the TV adaption of Robert B. Parker’s Night Passage (with Tom Selleck) while making mini Philly cheesesteaks (guess who I rooted for). Our friends Stuart and Janice were hosting a party, and I made it there right before kickoff. The game was decent, and Stuart helped me to convince Jill to come over after work (she was wiped out) in the third quarter.

She went straight to bed, and I need to head that way myself (got to frontload hours this week).