Soderbergh special

Last night I watched most of Steven Soderbergh’s two recent films: Bubble and the first two thirds of Ocean’s Twelve, finishing Ocean’s Twelve tonight. Bubble’s been getting a fair amount of publicity because of it’s distribution (simultaneous theatre, TV, and DVD releases), but the film is good. Hailed as the most commercial of his arty flicks (he seems to switch off between arty and commercial), it’s a bizarre triangle in a small town interrupted by a murder. I didn’t know what to expect and enjoyed it.

It was like a sparse song plucked on a guitar compared to the full bore fully orchestrated Ocean’s Twelve, which I found entertaining (even though it lagged in spots). The ending disappointed me some because they didn’t end with a big heist like the first one, but I didn’t find any problem with the big ensemble cast – they mesh well together. The most intriguing thing was seeing how Soderbergh’s style seemd similar in choosing shots between the two movies – they don’t seem so far apart in tone now.