Friday night, we both got home by 7 and Jill made marinara sauce and pasta for dinner. I ate way too much and was most uncomfortable. Later, we watched Lost, then Jill went to bed and I caught up on newspapers.

Saturday Jill was on call, but already knew she’d be needed in the morning, working at 8. I wasn’t too far behind her, with a neurosoma appointment at 9:30. I ran some errands afterwards, including some new work shoes at Target. No nerf gun (for work) – Target didn’t have any and Toys R Us only had expensive ones. Also stopped at the new Goodwill in Sterling – nice store you wouldn’t know what it was without the sign. Jill was home when I got back, we had a light lunch which concluded with her getting called back into work.

I took Illa on a long walk, then read the paper on the deck and watched Smallvill (liked the first half better than the second). Jill got home and I made fajitas, then we watched 24 and Creature Comforts. She went upstairs and went online and took a bath while I started watching the new Keane DVD and reading some comics.

We both slept late on Sunday, arising around 1. I made Eggs Benedict while I watched Battlestar Galactica, then we watched Elektra (I liked it, not sure why it got such nasty reviews) as I made marinade and prepped for pesto for my cilantro chicken pasta. We took Illa to Runnymede Park for a long walk, then stopped at Safeway on the way back (I’d forgotten some cheese). When we got back, I read the paper while Jill called her sister.

We had planned on going to the Ice House for dinner. I’d gotten a gift certificate there as a Christmas gift for Jill in 2004. It said it expired in 2005, but I’d called the restaurant and the manager had told it would be fine. Not the one on duty last night, so we left. We went home and got the restaurant coupons, and settled on TurCuisine in Worldgate. We hadn’t had Meditterranean food in a while (I don’t think I’ve had any since I worked in Ballston). To our surprise, we had some of the best kabobs we’d ever had. Prices were a little higher than I’m used to paying for kebabs ($13-19), but they were worth it (came with a salad too). Afterwards, we also had a coupon for Cold Stone Creamery, so we indulged. I had a carrot cake batter with caramel mixed in, Jill chocolate with Oreos and Reese’s cups. I was full and happy, Jill not so happy as the rich ice cream didn’t quite agree with her. We watched the rest of the Keane DVD while I read comics and Jill read a book.

She’s going to bed now while I’m typing this (technically retyping since I managed to close the browser earlier while 2/3rds done – if you see this I successfully posted this, otherwise I’m giving up).