Cleaning up

Tonight Jill stopped and got rotisserie chicken (at the same time I got ham and aspargus and a frozen pizza, but no worries as that means we have dinners this week), and I made a salad to go with it.

Jill had to stay home from work to get the car window replaced as the “Glass Doctor” was not able to provide mobile service promised for today until Wednesday (she went with Virginia Glass who did my last glass repair -in Sterling off 606, but they weren’t open yesterday).

After dinner we finished watching the West Wing I’d started and Desperate Housewives while I prepared the trash (with the glass), then we hauled the Christmas tree out as Jill finished undecorating last night. Cleaning up the needles took a while, and I just came upstairs to ship a couple orders (and got sucked into a bit of surfing, but I’m leaving now).