Two shots of happy, one shot of sad

Wonderful start to the weekend, not so great a finish.

Friday night we went to Ireland’s Four Courts in Court House to meet up with some of Jill’s coworkers from Georgetown. Nice ratio of guys/girls at first (5/11) until more of the residents showed up. Good beers and decent food, too – I had a reuben and Jill had a burger. I had a Smithwicks to start, then Jill told me I needed to try the car bomb. Only after it arrived was I told I’d have to down it in one gulp. I did, but that was the end of my drinking for a while. We were there a couple hours chatting, so I did have a Harp before we left (Jill drove, and a good thing she did).

Saturday we slept in big time, not getting up ’til 1PM. Jill had to get a baby shower gift, and the closest store that had the baby registry was in Springfield, so she ran off to do that. I made breakfast for myself (egg sandwich) and watched Battlestar Galactica. I caught up through Friday’s paper and started watching Neil Peart’s Anatomy of a Drum Solo, an amazing exploration of how he creates his solos.

When Jill got back, we got ready, then went over to the National Air and Space Museum’s Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center where we finally watched the latest Harry Potter, in IMAX. It was pretty cool, although I’d forgotten spoiler what a downer of an ending /spoiler this one had.

We had pork for dinner – I’d made ribs and this funky fajita like thing out of pork chops (it was a recipe) earlier in the week, and we finished most of it off. After dinner, we watched the latest Lost, then Jill called her mom and went online. Meanwhile, I finished off all the newspapers and started in on the magazines while watching the rest of Anatomy of a Drum Solo. Walked the dog and went to bed around 1:30, and everything seemed fine.

Jill got up a little after 11 this morning and I got up shortly after. She was planning on leaving around noon for the baby shower. I showered and was getting dressed when she came back in. Someone had busted through her front passenger window, opened the car, and taken her car stereo. Of course, my car was right next to hers completely unlocked – go figure. We called the cops and a couple auto glass places. The cops came around 2PM, and took a report. We weren’t the only ones – there were 2 more in our neighborhood, and 2 others close by. They even dusted for prints, but got nothing. Don’t know what we can do besides start taking the stereo face plates inside.

The glass places couldn’t respond today, first one we could get was tomorrow morning (which means Jill has to go in late to work). I guess we’ll just get another stereo for her (maybe not a JVC this time – maybe they wanted the brand). She went shopping (had to return something, and we need some groceries while I’m surfing, then I’ll watch some of the playoffs while I read the paper.