Nice to really relax today

I was up late Thursday cleaning; when I got home Friday, took the dog for an extended walk, then headed off to Jammin’ Java, as I detailed in my last post. What I didn’t mention is I met up with a nice group, including Stuart and Janice and Olivia, Meg and Jeremy, Shelly, and Susan. Stuart and I and one girl I hadn’t met before filemd, but I was the only one to get a complete show (no one expected him to play more than 2 hours). Afterwards, we chatted for a while before heading home.

Meg and Jeremy stayed with me, and we got in around 12:30. After I took Illa out, we were up ’til 4AM talking and watching some music I’ve taped (mostly Falcon Ridge shows). Only one bad part was in the morning Meg went to get a CD out of her car and locked herself out of the house, and I didn’t hear her try to get in because I was in the shower and then walking Illa. She turned the car on to keep warm. After that, I made waffles with the leftover batter from last week and heated up some Trader Joe’s veggie sausage patties- not as good as Morningstar Farms.

They left around 1, and I cleaned up the kitchen, then hopped online. I got off a little later than planned, as Stuart had asked me over to watch the Redskins game and I’d offered to bring buffalo wings, and they do take a little while. I didn’t finish until quarter of 5.

I managed to miss the Skins first touchdown, but was there for the rest. Great game to watch, an epic battle of defenses. Always better when we win. One proble is we were planning on getting to the Birchmere for an efo show next Saturday at the same time the game starts. Could be interesting. They wanted to go for pizza after the game, but I passed as I’d stuffed myself on wings and pretzels and popcorn. Got back home and turned on the Pats game in HD (Staurt has widescreen but couldn’t get ABC in HD). Too bad it was a rout, and I read the Friday and Saturday papers while it happened. I was still pretty full, just had a bowl of sliced pears when I gave Illa the second half of his dinner. Was pretty tired and went to bed before 1.

I slept in bigtime today, at least 10 hours. Got up and walked the dog, then made eggs benedict with the last of the hollandaise sauce while I watched the new Battlestar Galactica (what a great ending). I read the Sunday paper while the Panthers dismantled the Giants, then took Illa on another long walk. I just cleaned the master bathroom, meaning everything (besides the unfinished part of the basement) is clean. I’m feeling accomplished, but dreading that all of the TV shows return this week. At least the only thing we still have to watch from last year is 3 hours of Lost. Now for the rest of the Bengals/Steelers game and dinner.