Fish and burgers

Last night we met up with Chris and Jess and his mom as they had our other friend Chris L. over to celebrate his 40th birthday. We hadn’t seen him since we were in Boston last summer, and now he’s living in College Park. He took the Metro down and Chris and his mom went to pick him up while Jill and I kept Jess company as she finsihed decorating the cake. Chris L. was interested in fish for dinner, so we went down to Old Town Alexandria, settling on the Fish Market. Good food, I had the chowder and the fried fish sandwich platter while Jill had the Admiral’s platter. After dinner we headed back to Chris’s mom’s place for cake. I could only have a tiny sliver as I was stuffed full from dinner.

We left around 11:30, which was a problem as I needed to stop at a grocery store. There was a potluck lunch at work today, and I was planning on making mini burgers. Since I had neither bread nor meat, I needed to pick some up, and it didn’t look like we’d be able to get back to the Safeway in Herndon by midnight. So we stopped in Clarendon, but the Whole Foods was closed. I knew there was a grocery store in Ballston, but couldn’t remember what it was. It turns out it was a Harris Teeter, and it was open 24-7. So I got my food and we headed home, and I stayed up until 1:30 making little patties and frying them up. They went over well, will have to do that again sometime.

Tonight it was dog training, leftovers, and cleaning the house. Yes, we got it presentable for the Christmas party, but that was really only the middle level. Now we need to sleep 4 upstairs this weekend, plus I decided the basement was unacceptable. Which is why I’m hopping online now. I think getting to work early tomorrow is out of the question – looks like I’ll have to make up a couple hours during the weekend.