My Jewish evening

I slept in Monday (went to bed little before 2AM). Was vaguely aware Jill came into bed, but wasn’t woken up until the phone rang at noon. I was going to ignore it, but then my cell rang. It was Chris, wondering if I’d be coming over anytime soon. So I hopped in the shower, made some eggs, and took Illa for a stroll before heading down to his brother’s house off 234. I got there around 3 and they were watching Serenity. I gave Chris his gifts (including the first book from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series). He had asked me a couple months back if I could use an 802.11b router since he was getting a g. I said sure, and to my surprise, he gave me a g. Nice misdirection. We had some of his mom’s Christmas cake (marzipan icing – yum) and I burned my finger helping him strain some turkey soup.

We left a little after 5 to make it to his mom’s by quarter of 6, so we coud grab her and make it to the Birchmere at 6 when the doors open. We were there to see What I Like About Jew, a collection of funny skits by Sean Altman (ex Rockapella) & Rob Tannenbaum. It also had Adam Brodsky, Richard Hsu (from Da Vinci’s Notebook), and Eric Schwartz. Eric Schwartz I’d seen first at Falcon Ridge in 2003, and I like him more every time I see him. He gets outraged the same way Lewis Black does, where he can barely control himself, but he channels it well. I’m not usually fond of the Birchmere’s food, but the steak and cheese po’ boy was pretty tasty last night, went down well with my Shiner Bock and Widmer Hefeweizen.

Got home and Illa was crazy after being in the crate most of the day (Jill had taken him out before she went to work), so I had to take him on a long walk and play with him a while before he settled down. I got home at 9 tonight after stopping at Costco for gas and Michaels (frames) and Best Buy (nothing!) and took him on another long walk, but he wasn’t too bad. Of course I was reading the paper and giving him belly rubs. Now I need to stop surfing and go to bed.