Santa blitz

And what a great present I got Christmas Eve – an amazing football game. My friends Hannah and Dave have season tickets, but they were going to her folks for the holidays, and presented me with the pair. I asked Jill, but she passed, so I went with my dad. Dave had told me of a nice parking lot within walking distance, so I met Dad at the Landover Metro at 11:30 and we drove there. We had just gotten out of the car when Dad spied two of his coworkers tailgating behind us. We went over to say hi, and we didn’t refuse their offers of a beer and a hot dog. We headed over to the stadium with 50 minutes to go, and trudged through the security line and the ramps up to the top.

They weren’t kidding about the seats being the second row from the top. Thankfully Dad had brought his binoculars (I’d remembered right before I got on the toll road, but he hadn’t left yet). We got a couple pints of Harp and settled in for the game. Incredible job by the Redskins, especially by Moss and Portis. Weird to not hear why Ramsey came in for Brunell (knee injury) until I read about it today. It was fun, and even the Giants fans near us seemed good natured about it (but this does mean wins are important for everyone next week).