After the football game, Dad took me back to the Metro and I went back to East Falls Church. It was 5:30, and I’d called CD Cellar earlier in the week to verify they were open until 6. I got there at 5:40, and made a nice dent before they closed. I got home a little before 7. Jill had been cooking, and we had spinach pancakes and bacon wrapped steak – very yummy. Jill made some chocolate chip muffins for today while I finished the paper. Then we opened our stockings, and watched Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets (only one more to go before we can go watch the new one). Interesting that in the deleted scenes that they filmed two versions of what happened after Harry arrived in Diagon Alley.

Today we were up fairly early to try and make it to Mom’s by 10. Or I was, Jill got up late. Which meant that her quiche didn’t have time to cook through, and I was holding it on my lap in the car (Illa was in back) with egg mix splashing on my pants (better there then on my face, I suppose). We got there a little after 10, but that was ok, because Dad was late. I got my pants cleaned off, though not to Illa’s satisfaction. Brunch was ready by 10:30 – in addition to Jill’s spinach quiche and muffins, Mom baked a cake and made a stollen. We were stuffed, and moved into the living room to open gifts. My big score was a new printer (that prints directly on CDs and DVDs) and a big pile of clothes (by my request). Pretty nice.

I totally surprised Jill with a Tassimo coffee system. She likes the coffee maker we got for the wedding, but hates the time it takes to clean and get it ready, especially since she’s usually pressed for time. This machine can brew most drinks in under a minute, and all she needs to do is add water. It’s also the only machine of its kind to brew lattes and espressos. I also got her a new type of mug that lets you keep your coffee hot but prevents scalding.

More phone photos:
Trina, Illa and Jill
Dad and Jill
Dad and Jill
Santa Illa
Trina and Mom
Illa and Dad

After we got back, Jill and Illa napped. Jill because she’s working tonight, and Illa because, well, just because. I read the paper then started figuring out the coffee machine. I figured it out right before she left, so she could take it with her. She wasn’t interested in the steak fajitas I wanted to make, so I didn’t rush and made them after she left (she can take the leftovers tomorrow). Tonight I watched last week’s SNL and finished reading this month’s comics. May just go to bed after I finish surfing as I’ve got a sleep deficit I need to erase.