Videogames, wine and football

Friday night I planned burgers, but wasn’t in the mood when I got home, so I made tacos with the groud beef and turkey instead. I read the paper, wrapped gifts, and started on comics, and Jill went online. Hours later when I was going to bed, I found her playing her new addiction, Bookworm. I stayed up another 45 minutes ’til she hit a score of 100,000, then I went to bed (she made it to 150,000 an hour later before giving up). I found a Palm version of it just now, have to download a trial to see how similar it is.

I was up early Saturday for my neurosoma appointment (where Tamsin spent the first ten minutes taking out a splinter in my foot, probably a pine needle). I thought I had time to run to Best Buy first. I had to return a USB adapter I’d bought for Jill’s notebook and pick up a VCR/DVD player, since my VCR just died after 11 years. Yes, I refused the service policy., but I was late to my appointment.

One quick stop for more wrapping paper, and I was home. Made a breakfast burrito and started watching the SciFi miniseries Triangle. Watched the first two nights and read the paper and some more comics. Jill ran to the mall. She had given me a new shirt and tie for my office holiday party, but I had no clean (or nice) khakis. The party was at Tarara Winery again, and we had a fun night chatting with coworkers. It was better after being at work over a year now, and we didn’t leave until they were closing down.

Today I wasn’t up until 12, first chance to sleep in weeks. Took Illa on a long walk, then made an omelette and watched the rest of Triangle. Not too bad, but I expected better from the creative minds behind Alien, Independence Day and X-Men. The final couple minutes wrapped it up nicely, though. Then I switched over to watch the Colts lose their first one of the season, and then watch the Redskins blow the doors off the Cowboys. It all comes down to next week versus the Giants, which I have tix too! I hope Santa brings me something I want on Christmas Eve… Speaking of which, the Simpsons had a pretty funny Christmas episode tonight.

But I digress. I was going to use leftovers to make a fresh batch of linguine alfredo, but Jill decided she wasn’t in the mood for it then. So I made it up and packed hers away, and took two cans of beef barley and zazzed the soup up (had some frozen beef for stew and spices). That reminds me – I haven’t had me pasta yet. We also had a conversation about how we hadn’t spent much time together lately, and how school might affect things – not bad, just getting some things out in the open.