We were getting to the end of our day around 1AM. Jill had been baking cookies all day, and I was cleaning up in the dining and living rooms. I’d spent the last half hour shredding old papers when Jill flopped down on the couch, done. I was still shredding, and when I finished, we heard a noise in the kitchen. Illa had just finished wolfing down 9 peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies.

Chocolate can be fatal for dogs, so I looked up how to induce vomiting for dogs (about the same as a human). We gave him hydrogen peroxide twice and it didn’t do anything, so Jill went out to get ipecac. We gave that to him twice as well, and still nothing. He was getting sleepy, so I went online to check symptoms. He wasn’t hyperactive and panting, so I started looking at what a toxic dose was. There was semi-sweet chocolate in the cookies, but not a lot, and to the best of my calculations he only had 1/100th of a toxic dose. So we’re going to bed, but he seems ok.