Cleaning, Narnia & training

Tuesday I got home late, had gotten to work late and then needed to run to Michaels. I didn’t need to worry about Illa because Jill was working that night and had let him out before she left. I got him out when I got home around 9, then fed him and heated up some fried shrimp and made some creamed spinach for myself. I realized the fridge was overcrowded, especially with our party coming up, and set to removing anything expired. I moved on to the counters, and by the time I was done it was nearly 11. Thanks to the TV in the kitchen, I watched the Billboard awards and Sunday’s Desperate Housewives.

Last night we went into DC to Friendship Heights to catch a preview of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, thanks to Entertainment Weekly. We got a late start due to traffic, and got to the theater only about 2 minutes before the movie started (no previews, and I missed the first couple minutes for a bathroom break and popcorn gathering). Jill’s more of a geek over Narnia than I am (she just reread all the books), but both of us really enjoyed it. Lord Of The Rings has set the bar high for a fantasy movie these days, and the criticism that this movie builds slowly doesn’t feel that valid since it hews so closely to the book. The battle scenes seem modeled on those in Rings, and are nicely done. Tilda Swinton is excellent as the witch, and Liam Neeson is pitch perfect as the vioce of Aslan (I honestly don’t know what kind of mix of real and CG he is, but it’s very well done). The actors playing the kids are well cast and are decent (no Phantom Menace problem here), and it feels like the book has been captured on film. I understand that they’re willing to do a sequel, which would be in good hands if they can get the same crew back.

Now we just need to watch the other two Harry Potter movies so we can catch the new one.

Tonight was the second dog training class. We’d been doing our homework with Illa (he’s great at sit, not so good at watch), but they didn’t check his old tricks, just gave us new ones. Of course we got there late, oh well. Tonight I’m organizing on the computer (checking 401-k allocations, inventory) to help organize the rest of the office. Next: actually organizing the sell cds.