The Great Escape

Friday evening we relaxed. Jill got home early from work, and I wasn’t hungry, so she made egg salad. She asked me to make bacon, and that made me hungry, so I made some breakfast burritos. We were going to watch Threshold, but it was a repeat, so I caught up on Daily Show and Bill Maher, and finally finished a DVD I was happy with (Queen, working on an emmet swimming one now). Saturday I got up relatively early for a neurosoma appointment at 10. I ran errands afterwards, making it to Reston in time for a 1:30 hair appointment (with the only place allowed to cut my hair, according to Jill). Got back home and put everything away in time to leave to go over to Mom’s.

We’d brought Illa over to Mom’s twice before without incident – he’d race around for a bit, then hang out. This time was a bit different. One of the neighbor’s dogs jumped the fence, and Trina was active, but two dogs weren’t enough. The neighbors on the corner had two dogs, and he could hear them but not see them. So he got a running jump, then cleared the four foot fence of the neighbor behind Mom. I jumped the fence behind him and gave chase. The only reason I caught him is he was racing around the house with the dogs, trying to get to them. I grabbed him by the collar and frog marched him back to Mom’s, where he stayed on lead the rest of the visit.

We’re disappointed, because that was one place we thought we could let him off leash and he’d be ok. So we went back home, and he was pretty pooped, so I watched TV (old Alias and Smallville) while Jill did homework. That extra hour of sleep was nice, and instead of being rushed to take him out before the football game, I took my time. Coincidentally, our neighbor dog Bear (the lab) was out, so I put Illa on lead and attached the other end to me, and that worked ok. Maybe next time at Mom’s we’ll put him on two leads and that’ll be enough. The football game didn’t go so well, but I finished off the newspapers and made a good stab at straightening out the office and paid bills tonight.