A short moment of panic among the monotony

A normal night, or so I thought. I was working a little late, had to go and pick up the weekly vegetables from the farm, and got home just in time to walk Illa before I watched CIC.

Except he was jumping up as I tried to attach his leash, and I didn’t do a good job, because as soon as he pulled, the leash came off. We were in the back and I ran after him around the front. He thought it was a fun game and ran circles around me, not letting me get close enough. I was deathly afraid he’d go right towards the parkway, and once when he did he came back when I screamed.

The second time he didn’t listen, but someone was looking out for us as the parkway traffic had a red light. And as soon as he crossed the street he pooped, and I caught up with him before he finished (even had the presence of mind to bag it).

We had a nice slow walk after that, but I was fairly wigged out. Went back in and played with him as I watched CIC, then most of Bowling For Columbine as I made an enormous breakfast dish and burgers for dinner. Didn’t finish ’til after 11, and I just got through posting some eBay auctions (Queen stuff I want to get out now while there’s publicity, and before the cruise). Now a short sleep.