Another short weekday post

Interesting events this week:
Had my first annual review – went well, I’m pretty happy at work.

Speaking of happy at work, my group went out to happy hour Tuesday at Carpool in Herndon, where we discovered they now have Magic Hat on tap. Pool was played, but Jill and I opted out – it’s been at least a year since we’ve played, and I for one wasn’t that great then. But we munched down on half price appetizers while we chatted, and since Jill was driving, I had three beers – two #9s and a hefeweizen.

Today I renewed my license at the DMV. The website has estimated wait times, so I went at 11, when it was 8 minutes. An hour later, I was out, with my ok new photo (at least I’m not wearing glasses on it anymore – bouncers always give me a close look because of it).

In other news, Jill took Illa for a 2 hour tryout at doggie daycare, and it was a hit all around. He got praise from the staff (he’s good with both the big and little dogs) and we were happy because he was pretty wiped out the rest of the day. Prices aren’t bad, and I can see us doing a half or whole day once a week or so (today would have been a good choice, the second day in a row he’s had to stay downstairs for 8+ hours, and he’s been a little crazy tonight).