Office Space watch

The new DVD (Special Edition with Flair!) comes out November 1st. New features include
* “Out of the Office” – an Office Space retrospective with Mike Judge
* Deleted scenes – “Peter Lies to Lumbergh,” “Happy Hour and Chotchkies,” “Peter Goes Off on Nora,” “Tom’s Mixed Heritage Called into Question”

Three interesting things:
Best Buy has a Special Edition Gift Set available for about $10 more, which has:
* Red stapler
* Coffee mug
* Mouse pad
* Pen and pencil set
* Notepad
* Magnetic picture frame
and since the red stapler is currently $20 at Amazon, that’s pretty cool.

Also, go to for a chance to win a trip to the DVD release party, and download Milton posters (“have you seen my stapler?”).

Finally, most of the cast was interviewed last year.