Terry Pratchett

He came to Olsson’s at Courthouse last night to talk about his new book Thud. He was funny, good stories as usual (and told us about the next four books he’ll write), but I didn’t stay for the signing. I was going to buy the new book, but apparently they ran out (still a long line, would have been 155th or so). When this was relayed to Mr. Pratchett, he praised the gods – authors on long tours with tired hands apparently wish for this sort of thing. I took a picture, but it was with the Treo and you couldn’t have picked him out.

That reminds me, my favorite co-author of his, Neil Gaiman, will be in town next weekend; Saturday at 12:40 as part of the National Book Festival and Sunday at 7:30 at Borders (Bailey’s Crossroads).